History of the Foundation:

The Foundation was established in December 2009, initiated by American and Ukrainian philanthropists. Since its inception, the main objective of the foundation has been to support the health of the population, ensuring access to quality medical care, providing doctors with the most relevant medical knowledge, implementing innovations in healthcare, and building a systematic approach to charity in Ukraine.

Mission of the Foundation:

The mission of the International Charitable Foundation “Health of the Ukrainian People” is to preserve and strengthen the health of the Ukrainian people by implementing social programs aimed at improving the level of medical services, combating medical errors (through continuous professional development of doctors, raising the social status of medical workers, and international cooperation), social initiatives, as well as the development of ethical social entrepreneurship and transparent philanthropy.

Part of the Professional Community:

We are active members of:

  • Association of Charitable Organizations of Ukraine (ACOU)
  • European Business Association (EBA)”

Trust not only from the professional community but also from the state:

  • Signed a memorandum with the Cyber Police of Ukraine to combat fraud in charity.
  • Featured on the website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as one of the trusted foundations authorized to collect resources for medical needs.


5 stars in the ‘Charity Compass’ rating, from the Association of Charitable Organizations of Ukraine (2021, 2022).


Creating a future where every Ukrainian has access to high-quality diagnostics, treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as opportunities for health restoration, enabling a return to a full life.

  1. Prevent diseases that can lead to disability, aiming to reduce the number of amputations by 5%.
  2. Provide treatment for 15,000 to 40,000 injured limbs during the war in Ukraine and for 7 years after its conclusion.
  3. Establish resource centers at healthcare institutions and facilitate their interaction with endowment funds.
  4. Equip beneficiary hospitals with modern equipment and tools.
  5. Develop scientific-educational content for medical professionals to reduce medical errors and improve the quality of medical services.
  6. Create ratings for healthcare institutions and medical workers.
  7. Organize physical and psychological rehabilitation events.
  8. Support the maintenance of a safe, “healthy” cyber environment and reduce fraud in charity.
  9. Develop philanthropy through collaboration between non-profit organizations.
Leadership Development

To achieve our goals, we establish expert councils composed of top doctors. To address our tasks, we conduct round tables and other discussion panels where various specialists can reach consensus on issues requiring consolidated solutions. Our staff, volunteers, and foundation partners are continuously developing and learning, attending international events to implement the best global practices of charity in Ukraine and develop Ukrainian philanthropy.

Mobilizing for Mission

The International Charitable Foundation “Health of the Ukrainian People” demonstrates leadership by focusing on external actions and mobilizing resources for its mission.

We utilize the following approaches:

  • Strategic Partnership: The Foundation actively collaborates with national and international organizations to amplify its impact and effectiveness. As members of two major associations, namely the Association of Charitable Organizations of Ukraine and the European Business Association, we create programs and projects supported by both philanthropists and socially responsible businesses.
  • Networks of Collective Impact: The Foundation leverages networks of collective impact to coordinate efforts with other charitable organizations, increasing the effectiveness of its programs through the involvement of brand ambassadors, thought leaders, and social media.
  • Thoughtful Leadership: The Foundation advocates for innovative approaches and methods in healthcare, supporting initiatives to implement high standards of philanthropy, demonstrating thoughtful leadership in the charity sector.
  • Awareness Raising: The Foundation works actively to increase public awareness of the importance of health and medical care, the issues of the wounded and injured, and the heroism of our doctors, particularly through mass media and social media. It creates a historical footprint through documentary work and collaboration with professional journalists.
  • Community Building: The Foundation engages the public in its mission through various events and initiatives, fostering the construction of a strong and healthy community, including interacting with and involving youth in active life.

External Mobilization Efforts:

The International Charitable Foundation “Health of the Ukrainian People” aims to expand the scope and impact of its activities, collaborating with other non-profit structures, especially medical institutions and civic organizations. The Foundation also actively involves corporate partners in implementing its programs and initiatives. Through its wide network of partners and volunteers, the Foundation ensures the development of its mission and programs at the national level, engaging the public in active participation in charitable activities.

History of Adaptation

In the spring of 2022, the International Charitable Foundation “Health of the Ukrainian People” faced immense challenges due to the war, which necessitated the evacuation of the foundation’s headquarters to Western Ukraine. Despite these extreme conditions, the foundation demonstrated significant adaptability, continuing to fulfill its commitments and provide assistance to those affected.

Key aspects of the foundation’s adaptation:

  • Evacuation and Continuation of Operations: The foundation’s headquarters were evacuated to Western Ukraine (Zolochiv, Lviv region), but we continued to operate without interruption, ensuring continuous support and assistance.
  • Ensuring Continuity of Activities: In these difficult times, we took all necessary measures to ensure the continuity of our activities and fulfill our commitments.
  • Flexibility and Innovative Approach: We quickly adapted to the changed conditions, implementing innovative working methods and finding new ways to provide assistance.
  • Supporting the Affected: Our work focused on providing ongoing support and assistance to those affected by the war, especially in terms of health and rehabilitation.

Our story of adaptation is a testament to the strength, resilience, and capacity of the foundation to respond swiftly in times of crisis. These qualities have enabled us not only to cope with challenges but also to continue our important mission of providing assistance to the most vulnerable segments of the population under extraordinary circumstances.