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Privacy-focused user experience designing

Houp is a group of privacy activists who help companies make products more secure and privacy-focused. We are a group of programmers, hackers, designers, researchers, and engineers who believe people should be owners of their own information and nobody should have access to their data without their consent.

We don’t work for benefit. We are a non-profit small enterprise who tries to make world a place it should be. We rely on sponsors (and not donations) to make better technologies for users. We make your product the way it should be but more secure and efficient without violating users privacy rights. Your product will be secure and privacy-focused without decreasing efficiency rate.

We make your product more user-friendly. We make products more enjoyable and also coordinated with user habits. We make your product more trustworthy. People should be able to trust you and your product. It’s impossible unless you show them reasons to trust. We collect least information as possible so nobody worries about safety of information. We make your product safer.

Houp Logo

Feel interested? You can contact houp@houp.org

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