International Humanitarian Coalition


ICF “Health of the Ukrainian people” initiated the creation of an international coalition of non-profit organizations specializing in medical and humanitarian programs (hereinafter “International Humanitarian Coalition”).
The main purpose of which is:
establishing a structured and efficient system of ordering and providing humanitarian assistance
working out general rules for working with volunteers, government agencies, health care providers and humanitarian aid providers.
Through the volunteers of the foundation, we help health care institutions to form a list of needs that will ensure the uninterrupted provision of medical care to the citizens of Ukraine.
The main needs of institutions are: medicines, medical devices, consumables, generators and fuel.


Today we observe a remarkable unity of Ukrainians and the whole civilized world. Billions are being raised for ammunition, food and humanitarian aid. But fees for the purchase of medicines and the provision of medical supplies with consumables can not boast of such results. And that’s exactly what we want to solve as soon as possible!


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